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AdrenaLinn III

AdrenaLinn II and ArenaLinn

Guitarist (UK), March 2009




“...Roger Linn's AdrenaLinn is one of the funkiest, and most powerful, programmable guitar processors out there. ...The new update, however, is immensely powerful.”


"'s the ability to time sync the modulation and filter effects and delays that create the AdrenaLinn's unique groove parts and transform a blank chord progression or riff into something altogether more interesting."


“...If you're into finding new rhythms and textures, the AdrenaLinn III has to be explored. For simple sketch pad ideas, or creating parts both live and in the studio, the AdrenaLinn is unique and inspiring, with plenty of old-style tones and modernistic sounds onboard. If your playing is stuck in a rut, here's something that might unleash your creativity.”


"We dislike: Nothing. It's too much fun!"


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Sound On Sound (UK), October 2008


“...the magic starts to happen when you get one of those compulsive drum rhythms playing along with a sync’ed, sequenced filter, transforming your guitar part into a powerful rhythmic pad or percussion sound. Every preset gives you fresh compositional ideas...”


“...if you’re looking for fresh sounds to liven up rock tracks, or are involved in something more experimental, it is absolutely inspiring.”


“The AdrenaLinn III offers a unique and inspiring approach to rhythmic effects for guitar and has the benefit of some seriously punchy built-in rhythms. There’s nothing like the AdrenaLinn in the hardware market, and you’d be hard pressed to achieve similar results in the software world.”


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Harmony Central (Craig Anderton), Summer 2008


"One of the Hippest Guitar Effects Ever Just Got Better"


"Those using the AdrenaLinn as a "bread and butter" effect as well as for all the cool synched stuff will be delighted with the 40 new and improved amp models (including four bass amps). With the original AdrenaLinn, the models seemed more like an afterthought but that's no longer the case: In addition to offering more variety, the models are much more "responsive" in the sense of responding better as they go into heavier saturation, and don't have the occasional "murkiness" of the originals. There's also a Drive control so you can tailor the sounds better. These models get a major thumbs-up."


“This is one of those rare boxes I literally cannot do without, because not only is it great: There's nothing else like it.”


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Remix, June 2008


“AdrenaLinn III's amp models sound amazing. I own a Line 6 POD XT Live and basically every guitar software title out there, and I was downright impressed with AdrenaLinn III's amp models.”


“Overall, the AdrenaLinn III has a lot to love. The MIDI sync capability is almost worth the price of admission. The modulation and delay effects offer up a limitless well of creative fodder that will no doubt influence the way you play and write. ...if you're looking to create shoegaze-inspired textures or if you're a deft EBow user, you'll find much potential here. The filter and tremolo sequences when combined with the delay are an awesome way to create sonic nirvana.”


“If you're a guitarist or bassist who enjoys venturing toward the experimental, your money will be well spent. You won't find many guitar-effects products that incorporate MIDI and sync capabilities at such a core level.”


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Future Music (UK), March 2008


“At the price, it’s a steal, so if you need guitar-gargling gratification, this new Linn delivers affordably.”


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Electronic Musician, March 2008


“The models in the AdrenaLinn I and II were solid, but the AdrenaLinn III brings them to a new level. The result is far more sensitivity and realism in response to playing dynamics. I was particularly impressed by the authentic response in the level of overdrive that resulted when I adjusted my guitar's volume knob. The new amp models sound excellent either by themselves or in tandem with the Modulation effects.”


“If you're looking for an excellent-sounding and unique effects box for the studio or your guitar rig, you can't go wrong with the AdrenaLinn III...”


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Remix Jan 2008


Annual Technology Awards for 2007 year




Frugal Guitarist (web site), May 2009


“The amp modeling offerings are surprisingly good...The cleaner tones are lively, with excellent sustain and the heavy tones are capable of brutal amounts of chunk...Particularly impressive were the big warm lows of the Marshall JTM-45, the subtle breakup of the Fender Twin, the krang and tight low-end of the Marshall Plexi, and the Diezel VH4, whose ultra smooth breakup and cutting high-end were perfect for lead shredding."


"...the real fun begins when you unlock the magic of the beat-synched modulation effects...Quite simply, the AdrenaLinn III is extremely unique in its approach and is capable of sounds I’ve never heard from another unit...I literally spent hours jamming different time synched effects and barely scratched the surface. You can get almost any sound you can imagine from rhythmically complex stutters to whacked out spaceships ascending into the great beyond, and everything in-between."


"The AdrenaLinn III is a very impressive unit; one that not only provides a vivid aural palette for guitarists to create their tones, but is likely to inspire many to look beyond their typical tonal horizon. It’s no surprise that the AdrenaLinn III has made its way into many professional guitarists’ rigs, including John Mayer and Peter Frampton. In fact, I’m a bit surprised I don’t see it far more regularly."


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Studio Magazine (Sweden), March 2008


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