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Computer Music (UK, 9/2010)

Rating: 4.5 of 5

"We strongly recommend that axe-wielding computer musicians consider AdrenaLinn Sync v2, as it has a highly adaptable and inspirational sound."

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Beat Magazine (Germany, 12/2010)

Rating: 6 of 6

"Excellent sound…great creative potential…AdrenaLinn Sync v2 is far more than the sum of its parts… The wide range of excellent presets, including sound programs of well known artists, such as Green Day and John Mayer, allow a very good inside look into the enormous sound potential of this creative effects plug-in…It doesn't only deliver impressive guitar sounds, but transforms all kinds of sounds into rhythmical effect-monsters…we became real AdrenaLinn Junkies…an all-around successful software implementation of a very unique concept!" [Translation]

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Studio Magazine (Sweden, 9/2010)

Rating: 4.2 of 5

"It comes with 100 presets, and they are absolutely brilliant... We tested on both guitar and synth, and the result was almost always immediate inspiration. Many times we were completely taken by surprise

of how this seemingly small effect can have such a broad and compelling sound...It is far more than the sum of its parts...Highly recommended." [Translation]

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(US, 6/2010)

Rating: 9 of 10.

"The sound quality is excellent and it sounds good on just about any type of sound you might want to throw at it - drums, guitars, synths, you name it."

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Rating: 10 of 10

"Adrenalinn Sync will make you sound better than you really are, which imo is quite something."

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User Testimonials


"Adrenalinn Sinc is by far my favorite plugin. I even use it on vocals."

- Asher Skerret


...I want to take a second to say you have created a BRILLIANT product that has changed what I am able to do as a Producer/guitar player/performer/engineer. Just brilliant sir. :) After my brother came back from Nashville having worked with NVE (New Voices Entertainment) and saw what they did with the pedal (via MIDI) I started looking for the plug in and was thrilled to find you had made one...Again Thank you for your work and for making my life easier and more fun!"

- Adam Scharff, Scharffbro Music


"I've been having great fun running synth pads through AdrenaLinn Sync. it's been inspiring a lot of new ideas."

- John Worthington


...I'm very happy to tell that our new 'Walking Out' music is proudly beginning its www tour at

We hugely used AdrenaLinn Sync Plug-In Version 2 as well as our beloved hardware Adrenalinn II pedal. We also frequently used the plug-in with NI Maschine’s percussions.

Please thank Roger Linn and everybody in the team for their very inspiring creativity for years.

- Thierry Venin (France)


The AdrenaLinn Sync is such a unique tool and it is so easy to manipulate. I had to buy it after trying the demo - can't wait to get into it further.

- Greg Stearns


I have to let you know this plug-in is fantastic as well as the distortion you set up in this unit.

- Glen Mineau


Hands down the best software of 2010.

- Tom Aldrich


Just downloaded the demo for the plugin. That thing is the biggest no-brainer gear purchase I've seen in years. Sounds AMAZING, and the fact that I can so easily put it on drums or vocals or whatever makes it a must-buy for me.

- Mark Cuthbertson


The plugin is brilliant - tried it with a few ideas for film scoring - especially useful for chase/suspense tracks...I can see this having a wide scope of possibilities.

- Ted Ottley


I found I kept naturally gravitating towards AdrenaLinn Sync in my tracks — handy for all those times I wanted to pitch a drum part (VERY cool), animate a pad, and go beyond where I was able to rhythmically get with CamelSpace. Chaining several instances allows for even more ear-expanding effects.

- TorleyWong




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