Free Bitwig 8-Track License for all LinnStrument Owners


A free license for Bitwig 8-Track is included with every LinnStrument. If you bought direct from my site, it was included in my shipping notification email. If you bought from a dealer or used, registered your purchase (under the LinnStrument menu) to get your license.


Bitwig 8-Track is a very powerful DAW, similar in look and feel to Ableton Live but with MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) compatibility in it sequencer and built-in software instruments (PolySynth, Sampler, FM-4 and Organ), a valuable plus for LinnStrument owners.


Once you get your license, go to the following address on BItwig's site to download & install your copy of Bitwig 8-Track:


Then do the following:


1) If your LinnStrument is not running the current software version shown at the top of the Panel Settings page, update it to the current version.


2) Connect LinnStrument to your computer and start Bitwig, then follow Bitwig's setup instructions.


3) Click File menu > Package Manager. If the "Essentials Collection" is not installed, install it and close the Package Manager window.


4) Whenever you start Bitwig while LinnStrument is connected, or connect LinnStrument while Bitwig is running, Bitwig will automatically set LinnStrument's settings as needed for MPE use. If not, you can manually set the settings correctly by pressing Per-Split Settings > MIDI Mode column > hold ChPerNote. (The ChPerNote pad will turn light blue.)


5) Follow the 3 steps shown in the picture below, then play.


- Roger


Roger Linn Design

Los Altos, CA