LinnStrument Videos

These videos (and those on Jeremy's page) demonstrate LinnStrument's expressive solo performance, not only due to its sensing touch in five ways, but also due to the advantages of the Fourths String Layout over a piano note arrangement for intuitive performance of expressive pitch gestures.

Linnstrument- a new instrument by Roger Linn

Posted by Jordan Rudess on Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jordan Rudess LinnStrument & Keyboard

Connor Golden improvisation at Roger's home office.
Here is Connor's SoundCloud page.

"The LinnStrumentalists": compilation of videos submitted by LinnStrument players around the world.

Ziv Eliraz "Liltle Wing"

Guilherme Zakka: "LinnStrument Jam"
(Flashing lights due to camera)

Paul Lawler
Audio Modeling Cello melody & acoustic guitar

Stephen Barnard:
LinnStrument and UVI Falcon

ghiekorg: Muse's "Micro Cuts"

Jimmy Vai: Novation Peak and LinnStrument

Chris Randall (of Audio Damage):
Improvisation with Madrona Labs' Kaivo & Nanoloop Mono

Stephen Barnard
Sound: AAS String Studio VS2 and Chromaphone

Salim Nair: "Night in the Meadow, Movement 1"

ghiekorg: "At The Gates - Into The Dead Sky"

"Light in the Tunnel" - Paul Schilling

Daryl Groetsch:

Stephen Barnard:
"Blue Monk"

Rodgers Dameron:

Roman Smirnov

Stephen Barnard:

LinnStrument and TEControl BBC2 mouth Controller

Connor Golden "Will a Rainy Night"

ghiekorg: John 5's "2 die 4"

Do you have a YouTube video of an impressive LinnStrument performance? I'm especially interested in one that demonstrates skilled expressive solo performance that can't be achieved on a conventional MIDI keyboard, or a skilled piano-like two-handed performance. If so, please let me know and I'll post it here.   - Roger

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