LinnStrument Videos

These videos demonstrate two-handed piano-style play on LinnStrument. LinnStrument's Fourths String Note Layout is not only ideal for expressive solo play, but its isomorphic arrangement, multiple instances of each pitch, 3-octave stretch in one hand and compact size are contributing to its emerging popularity as the new standard music interface for music performance, used in Roli's Blocks, Ableton's Push and a variety of iPad apps.

Aaron Rouby: "Sick RnB Chords"

Stephen Barnard "Wee Small Hours"

Tim Behrens:
Orange Tree Evolution Steel Strings

Jeff Moen "Man in the Mirror"

Connor Golden "Makes me Feel"

Jonathan Stein: 2-hand jazz Rhodes
Sound: Ableton Electric

Aaron Rouby: 2nd day on LinnStrument

Tim Behrens "Blackbird"

Jeff Moen "Overjoyed"

James Weaver: "Practicing Bach's Prelude in C"

"Blues for Lila" by  Raithe Laurence

Aaron Rouby "LinnStrument Fusion Jam"

Daniel Gonzalez "Keys on the LinnStrument"
Sound: Reason Grand Piano

Mark Carter - 2-handed piano composition

Stephen Barnard:
Sound: Flutter Dust from Sound Dust

Aaron Rouby: Kenny Barron Style Progression

Kevin Lyman: "Linnstrument Piano improv"

Paul Schilling "Linnstrument+Prophet-6 poly AT improv"

Aaron Rouby: Twinkle Twinkle Jazz Reharmonization

Jeff Moen: two-handed play on LinnStrument 128

"It Might be You"

Jeff Moen: "Blackbird", from his "Learn

the LinnStrument" video series.

Jeff Moen: "Feels so good", from his "Learn

the LinnStrument" video series.

Do you have a YouTube video of an impressive LinnStrument performance? I'm especially interested in one that demonstrates skilled expressive solo performance that can't be achieved on a conventional MIDI keyboard, or a skilled piano-like two-handed performance. If so, please let me know and I'll post it here.   - Roger


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Los Altos, CA