LinnStrument Videos

These videos are by LinnStrumentalist Jeremy Cubert, a gifted musician who possesses a unique talent for authentic emulation of traditional instrument gestures on LinnStrument. These videos also demonstrate some excellent sound generators for acoustic instrument performance. And his day gig is as a patent attorney specializing in life sciences-- not only a great muscian but a smart guy too!

Jeremy Cubert plays LinnStrument" using a variety of acoustic instrument sounds

NEW: Jeremy Cubert & Stephen Barnard:
"A Child is Born"

NEW: Jeremy Cubert & Stephen Barnard:
"To B3 or not to B3"

NEW: Jeremy Cubert & Stephen Barnard:
"Doin' Five"

Jeremy Cubert:
Orange Tree Samples Iconic Bass Jaco Sample Library

Jeremy Cubert:
Alto Sax from Audio Modeling SWAM Saxophones

Jeremy Cubert
Impact Soundworks Turkish Oud sample library

Jeremy Cubert:
Audio Modeling’s English Horn on LinnStrument 128

Jeremy Cubert:
Audio Modeling SWAM Violin

Jeremy Cubert -
Sample Modeling muted trumpet

 "Clouds" - Jazz trio by Jeremy Cubert
Sound: Audio Modeling Soprano Sax

Jeremy Cubert - LinnStrument jazz guitar
Sound: Orange Tree Samples Evolution Archtop Guitar

Jeremy Cubert - Violin
Sound: AAS String Studio Violin

Jeremy Cubert - Flaminco Guitar Demo
Sound: AAS Strum GS-2 Flamenco Guitar

Jeremy Cubert: The Horseman.  Orange Tree Samples' Evolution Hollowbody Blues Guitar Sample Library

Jeremy Cubert - Linnstrument Oud Jazz Trio
Sound: Impact Soundworks Turkish Oud

Jeremy Cubert - Floating Strings Electric Bass
Sound: Trillian

Jeremy Cubert -
Audio Modeling alto sax

Jeremy Cubert - "At The Tully Inn"
Sound: Audio Modeling The Flutes

Jeremy Cubert "Back to Bassics"
Sound: Trillian "Acoustic bass"

Jeremy Cubert - Fretless Bass
Sound: Orange Tree Samples Fretless Bass library

Jeremy Cubert: "Resistance is Infantile"  Sound:
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Dracus 8-string guitar

Jeremy Cubert - LinnStrument 128
Sound: Ilya Efimov Acoustic Guitar sample library

Jeremy Cubert "Breathe"
Sound: "Turkish Oud" from Impact SoundWorks

Jeremy Cubert: "LinnStrument plays Django" 
Django Gypsy Jazz Acoustic Guitar from Impact Soundworks

Jeremy Cubert - Amplesound's Ample Bass Upright II

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