LinnStrument Videos

And here are more LinnStrument owners' videos, including finger drumming, use in production, software hacks, sequencing, arpeggiator, use with specific synths, user reviews and more.

Max Bajzek:
"Hovern Enkan" (A Cold Wind is Blowing)

Max Bajzek:
"Refuge in the Shadow of Your Wings"

Sarmad Ghafoor:
Pianoteq 6, Maschine MK3 and Linnstrument

Dino Soldo: "Scylla- Book 12" with Linnstrument.

Ziv Eliraz:
Live Looping with LinnStrument, Electribe & Kaossilator

LinnStrument software developer Tim Thompsom's "UniLooper" using User Mode with his custom software application.

Finger Drumming by Eranotik

Ziv Eliraz: Massive Attack's "Teardrop".
Animations using MIDI clips & MIDI effects in Ableton.

LinnStrument + GeoShred

Ulf Hammarqvist:
Linnstrument with U-he Diva

LinnStrument Review

LinnStrument & Symbolic Sound's Kyma 7

TheSlowGrowth (YouTube handle):
LinnStrument & Axoloti MPE patches

Ian Grey - arpeggiator

Connor Golden:
"Aquarius" with Linnstrument and ROLI Lightpad M

LinnStrument description in Italian

Lyndon Apthorpe:
LinnStrument + Godin bass + RC505

Jimmy Vai:
"PEAK and Linnstrument"

Do you have a YouTube video of an impressive LinnStrument performance? I'm especially interested in one that demonstrates skilled expressive solo performance that can't be achieved on a conventional MIDI keyboard, or a skilled piano-like two-handed performance. If so, please let me know and I'll post it here.   - Roger

Roger Linn Design

Los Altos, CA