LinnStrument Videos

Videos by LinnStrument
software creator Geert Bevin

New: Geert with LinnStrument sequencer
"I am gonna wait"

Geert's talk at GeekOut conference 2017:
"From Arduino to LinnStrumentt"

LinnStrument Step Sequencer Jam with Modular Synths and Expert Sleepers FH-1

"Same Place Again", played on LinnStrument 128

LinnStrument and Moog Mother-32

With Futuresonus Parva analog poly-synth

LinnStrument and Moog Model 15 iOS app, for which Geert was lead software engineer & product manager

LinnStrument powered by an iPad
Poly Expression Sound by Thumbjam

June 23: "ElectroLinn". Sound: U-He Bazille's per-note expression. Drums by Logic's Ultrabeat.

"Linn S. was here"
Poly Expression Sounds by Omnisphere

"The Choice" from "The Last Of Us" written by Gustavo Santaolalla. Sounds by Spectrasonics Trillian.

LinnStrument's lights are triggered by incoming
MIDI from an external sequencer

Metal Riffing - Sounds by MeldaProduction's MPowerSynth.

Geert's talk at Devoxx 2014: "LinnStrument : the ultimate open-source hacker instrument"

Geert's live "Nighthacking" interview about writing software for LinnStrument and more

Pre-release demo of LinnStrument

LinnStrument's Arpeggiator
Sounds by Uhe Bazille

LinnMiniMod - AJH MiniMod with LinnStrument through FH-1

Using LinnStrument's Channel-Per-Note mode with Cubase Note Expression

Geert describes Expert Sleepers FH-1 USB/MIDI to CV Eurorack module

Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne"
Sound: Futuresonus Parva

Roger Linn Design

Los Altos, CA