LinnStrument Videos

Introduction to LinnStrument

Getting Started with LinnStrument

Playing Expressive Gestures on LinnStrument

NEW: Replay All mode on LinnStrument's Arpeggiator

LinnStrument Panel Settings (2015)

Introduction to LinnStrument (2015)

LinnStrument's Light Touch

Sound: "Clean Strat" from our free Logic sounds file

Tom Oberheim & Roger connect
Tom's Two Voice Pro & LinnStrument

LinnStrument as 3D Expressive Beat Box.

 Sounds: Logic Pro X.

"Autumn Leaves"

Sounds: Audio Modeling's Alto Sax

LinnStrument Polybend Arpeggiator

Sound: Logic Pro X

LinnStrument 3-Part Pitch Slides

 Sound: Madrona Labs Aalto. (Aalto sound file)

Polyphonic 3D Expression in Bitwig 1.2

Sounds: Bitwig PolySynth

Logic Pro X Blues Harmonica

"Teach Your Children Well"

Sounds: Logic Pro X Pedal Steel Guitar

Logic Pro X Blues Slide Guitar

Logic Pro X Split Keyboard: Pulse Synth & Solo Synth

Audio Modeling's wonderful "The Viola"

Presentation at Pyramind in San Francisco Feb 23, 2017

Roger's August 2014 interview with Sonic State

Roger's LinnStrument talk at Moogfest 2014

Jan 2010 video of original LinnStrument prototype

"Air on a G String" - Bach

"Gloomy Sunday" - ReznŐ Seress

Roger Linn Design

Los Altos, CA