The NAMM Show 2017

The annual NAMM music products show in L.A. is loud, tiring, crowded, demanding, and a great place to meet LinnStrumentalists and see dear old friends. Here are some pictures from NAMM 2017.

- Roger Linn



At left:
What a pleasure it was having Stevie Wonder drop by. What a gentleman and a gentle man. A little known fact: my first drum machine prototype used step programming on a screen. When I showed it to Stevie, I realized how unintuitive that was and redesigned it for real-time programming.

At right:
Wow-- Ray Parker, Dr. Lonnie Smith and Bernie Maupin in one place-- my booth! It doesn't get any better than this.

At left:
LinnStrumentalist Extraordinaire Jeremy Cubert was there helping me for the whole event, showing people what a LinnStrument can do under truly skilled hands. This picture was taken at the annual Chapman Stick Night, where Jeremy played both Stick and LinnStrument.

At center:
LinnStrument software creator Geert Bevin was there too and helped out. Though as Senior Software Developer for Moog, he had lots of meetings to do for them.  LinnStrument wouldn't be nearly as good without Geert's magic code.

At right:
LinnStrumentalist Jeff Moen is very talented at playing two-handed chords and melody. He helped out for the first two days of the show.

Big thanks to Jeremy, Jeff & Geert!

Roger Linn Design

Los Altos, CA