Help Us Update the AdrenaLinn III Presets

Dear AdrenaLinn III owner--

We'd like to improve the AdrenaLinn III presets and could use your suggestions about how best to do so. Can you help by answering the following questions?


1) Do you usually play AdrenaLinn III through 1) a guitar amp or 2)  a flat-response sound system such as a recording interface, PA mixer or full-range speakers? (I ask becuase most of the current presets have amp modeling turned on, assuming you're playing into a flat-response system. I'm hearing many users are currently playing through a guitar amp and would prefer the modulation presets to have amp modeling turned off.)

2) How do you primarily use AdrenaLinn III? For example, do you primarily use the beat-synced Modulation & filter sequencing effects? Or, do you simply use the amp models and drumbeats? Do you mainly use it in performance or more at home or studio for writing/creative/jamming?

3) Would you prefer the EFFECT foot switch to bypass all processing when turned off? (Currently, most presets give you a simple amp model tone when EFFECT is off, then add an modulation effect when EFFECT is on.)

4) Which of the current presets do you use most? Which would you suggest removing? What types of new presets would you like to see?

5) Are the current presets too wet, containing too much reverb and delay?

6) Currently when you select a preset, its assigned drumbeat is automatically also selected. Would you prefer this to not happen? (You can change this by setting Preset Sets Drumbeat to Off.)

7) What didn't I ask? What else can you tell me about how to improve the presets?


Please let me know what you think by clicking the button below, which will open a blank email in which to write your suggestions. (Or just send an email to When we do update the presets, we'll make them available as a free download and MIDI update to existing owners.

Thanks much,

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Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA