LinnDrum II


A Digital Drum Machine and Performance Instrument for Beat-Oriented Music

Update: October 13, 2011

LinnDrum II is a drum machine I've been developing for a while now with Dave Smith. During development, we realized that we really needed two products-- the all-digital LinnDrum II and the analog Tempest for Dave's analog synth customers. This year we put our focus on Tempest and it is now shipping.

Tempest has turned out much, much better than I originally expected. In fact, I ended up putting most of my best LinnDrum II design ideas into it. Plus I have to admit that the beautifully complex sounds and real-time tweakability of Dave's analog+sample voices give it a pretty amazing sonic pallete, and its real-time performance operating system and 90 panel controls make it a monster of a performance instrument. If you haven't checked out the Tempest info and videos on our site or Dave's site, please do so.

LinnDrum II is still in development but given the recent focus on Tempest development, it's won't be coming soon. If you're looking for an amazing new drum machine and aren't focused on a purely digital product, please consider Tempest.

- Roger Linn


For your amusement, here are some notable steps in the evolution of the LinnDrum II design. Click the pictures for bigger pictures:

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA