LinnDrum II


A Digital Drum Machine and Performance Instrument for Beat-Oriented Music

Updated November 16, 2014:

LinnDrum II is a drum machine I've been developing for a while now. During development of Tempest with Dave Smith, Dave and I realized that we really needed two products-- one analog machine (Tempest) and another digital machine, which I'm calling LinnDrum II.

Tempest has turned out much, much better than I originally expected. In fact, I ended up putting most of my best LinnDrum II design ideas into it. Plus I have to admit that the beautifully complex sounds and real-time tweakability of Dave's analog+sample voices give it a pretty amazing sonic palette, and its real-time performance operating system and 90 panel controls make it a monster of a performance instrument that I'm very pleased with.

As of late 2014, LinnDrum II is on the back burner while I focus on LinnStrument. When I get back to it, it won't be yet another MPC-style box but rather something new. Think the real-time live performance workflow of Tempest with the expressive 3D touch sensing of LinnStrument.

- Roger Linn


For your amusement, here are some notable steps in the evolution of the LinnDrum II design. Click the pictures for bigger pictures:

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA