Free shipping to most countries

Because LinnStrument isn't available in many stores, I try to make it easy for customers around the world to buy direct from my site by offering free worldwide shipping to many countries. For LinnStrument, I ship by Federal Express International Economy. For AdrenaLinn III, I use US Postal Service Priority Mail International, which is flown to the destination country then handed off to the country's government post for final delivery. However, I have had delivery problems in some countries, and in the event that a shipment doesn't arrive, it's too expensive for me to pay for the shipping and to return the customer's money. For this reason, the free shipping is limited to the following countries:

* Australia
* China (China has very high import taxes and difficult regulations. Please check with your Customs department to learn your total cost before ordering.)
* Indonesia
* Japan
* New Zealand
* Singapore
* South Korea
* Taiwan
* Thailand

* All EU countries
* Switzerland
* United Kingdom

North America
* U.S.
* Canada
* Mexico

South/Central America
* Argentina
* Brazil
* Costa Rica

Middle East
* Cyprus
* Dubai, UAE
* Israel
* Qatar
* Saudi Arabia

* South Africa

Russia: flat-rate $200 shipping cost
Only UPS can successfully navigate Russia's many customs difficulties but they charge $383 to ship a LinnStrument to Russia, which is about $250 more than my cost to ship to the countries listed above and therefore too much to include in my free shipping. So I'm sorry but for shipments to Russia I must charge a flat $200 shipping fee in order to reduce my shipping cost to an acceptable level.

Over the years, I have received very few orders from countries other than the above. If your country isn't listed above, please email me because depending on current political conditions and other factors, I may be able to include free shipping to your country. Otherwise, I'll let you know the shipping cost to your country.

Thank you,