LinnStrument 128 Price Increase to $1099

As of May 1, 2022, I have increased the price of LinnStrument 128 from $999 to $1099, both on my online store and at dealers. The reason is that my (Roger's) prices for chips and nearly all other components have increased dramatically during the current global chip and supply chain shortages. As a result, I could no longer afford to sell it at $999.

Interestingly, the electronics, metal chassis and all internal components of LinnStrument 128 are identical to the large model, only smaller in size. So the manufacturing cost of the 128 was always 80% of the large model, but sold at 66% the price of the large model. The smaller profit was OK with me because I wanted to offer a more affordable model, but my recent cost increases removed most of my profit, so I had no choice but to increase the selling price.

Perhaps at some point I may change to a cheaper plastic chassis without wood sides or other cost reductions, but I'd prefer to maintain the quality of the current design because I believe it better reflects the quality musical instrument that LinnStrument 128 is.

- Roger Linn