• LinnStrument OS version 1.2.1 released.

• New article on Cultured Ear from Jeremy Cubert about techniques for playing sax on LinnStrument.

• See Sweetwater's video interview with me (Roger) about all my products over the years.

• See video of "The Inventors of Synth" panel discussion with me (Roger), Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim at Sweetwater's Gearfest 2015. Plus other pics & videos from the event.

• Keyboard Magazine's stellar review of LinnStrument is now online. Thanks, Keyboard!

• Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater compares LinnStrument, Continuum, Seaboard and Eigenharp in new Keyboard magazine article.

• New video by Roger "LinnStrument as Beat Box", on new Videos Page with videos by Roger, Geert , Jordan Rudess and LinnStrument owners.

• See our new LinnStrument Press page with articles or interviews from Wired, Forbes, Harper's, Huffington Post, Cool Hunting, Gizmag and Sonic State.

• LinnStrument awarded "Best New Electronic Instrument at NAMM 2015" by Synthtopia!

• Read the KVR Audio interview with Roger's wife Ingrid here. Though she's now an Engineering Project Manager at Apple, she's had a big hand in the development of our products.

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA