New sounds file for Apple's $30 MainStage 3, with the same sounds as our Logic sound file.

Here's a nice article in IQ by Intel about 3 winners of the Technical Grammy: Ray Dolby, Bob Moog and me. Very nice to be included.

• Mark Vail does a video interivew with me (Roger) for (Videos in English, text in German).

New videos: 1) Tom Oberheim & Roger hook up LinnStrument with Tom's "Two Voice Pro" and 2) LinnStrument + Sample Modeling's amazing "The Viola"

• Future Music / Music Radar's stellar review of LinnStrument is now online.  Rating: 9 out of 10! Plus LinnStrument included in Music Radar's "10 best controllers and sequencers of 2015"

• Electronic Musician magazine's glowing review of LinnStrument is now online.

• LinnStrument software version 1.2.3 released with increased touch sensitivity, lower latency, sleep mode and more.

• LinnStrument nominated for a NAMM TEC Award in the Musical Instrument Hardware category. If you're a voting member, I (Roger) would appreciate your consideration.

• The Nov Electronic Musician issue has an interview with Roger, Lippold Haken (Continuum) and Roland Lamb (Seaboard) about expressive controllers. Plus a back page interview with Roger about how these instruments will change music.