LinnStrument 128

Expressive Music Controller

128 note pads • 4 octaves •  $999

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Analog Drum Machine

From Dave Smith & Roger Linn

AdrenaLinn III

Sync Filter FX, Amps & Beats: $399


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Upgrade from A1/A2: $99


• Over 1900 LinnStruments have been sold, including both LinnStrument and LinnStrument 128.

• I (Roger) did a Reddit "Ask My Anything" session, and they did!

• I (Roger) was interviewed by drummer Stewart Copeland for the BBC documentary "Stewart Copeland...on Drums". Unfortunately music licensing issues currently permit it to be watched only from the UK (or through a proxy server).

• KVR Audio has created a new KVR Experts feature, and started it with a review and discussion of LinnStrument 128 by industry luminary Craig Anderton.

• All existing Bitwig 8-Track v1 licenses (that were included with your LinnStrument purchase) now work for the new Bitwig Studio 8-Track v2!

• I did a new (and long at 100 minutes!) video interview with Nodes & Wires, discussing just about everything.

• FXpansion releases Cypher 2, a wonderfully deep synth with strong MPE capability, including 500 MPE-optimized preset sounds. Download the demo.

LinnStrument OS version 2.2.1 is released, including open tunings,  improved MPE support, Step Sequencer improvements and more.

• Speak German? Read the review of LinnStrument 128 in, including a "Best Buy" award.

• New LinnStrument Tips & Tricks page, updated May 25 with even more tips & tricks

New article in Vox about my MPC drum machines and their effect on music.

• For techy musicians, I just did a podcast interview with, talking about making LinnStrument and about embedded hardware/software products in general.

• Read the recent LinnStrument Newsletters.

• Another great LinnStrument review, this time by Harmony Central for LinnStrument 128.

• LinnStrument's touch sensing system is now protected by U.S. patent #9,779,709.

Roli's Equator MPE synth is now available without buying a Seaboard! It's my (Roger's) new favorite synth for LinnStrument.

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LinnStrument 128

Free shipping to most countries

AdrenaLinn III