• A FREE license for Bitwig 8-Track 1.2 (with polyphonic expression) for every LinnStrument owner. Click here for details.

• The Nov Electronic Musician issue has a very nice interview with Roger, Lippold Haken (Continuum) and Roland Lamb (Seaboard) about expressive controllers. Plus a back page interview with Roger about how these instruments will change music.

• I (Roger) am appearing at Amsterdam Dance Event on Sat Oct 17:
14:00: LinnStrument demo
16:30: Roger, Dave Smith, Tempest and anything you want to ask.

• LinnStrument wins the One Handed Musical Instrument Competition, a very nice surprise benefit of LinnStrument's ability to control note loudness, pitch and timbre with each finger.

• Electronic Musician magazine's October issue contains a very favorable review of LinnStrument: " delivers everything it promises". See more quotes.

• See Sweetwater's video interview with me (Roger) about all my products over the years.

• See video of "The Inventors of Synth" panel discussion with me (Roger), Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim at Sweetwater's Gearfest 2015. Plus other pics & videos from the event.

• Keyboard Magazine's stellar review of LinnStrument is now online. Thanks, Keyboard!

• Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater compares LinnStrument, Continuum, Seaboard and Eigenharp in new Keyboard magazine article.

• LinnStrument awarded "Best New Electronic Instrument at NAMM 2015" by Synthtopia!

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA