Analog Drum Machine

From Dave Smith & Roger Linn


• Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder of Roland, has died at age 87. I (Roger) reflect on the privilege of having known him.

• In Portland? So is LinnStrument, at Control Voltage.

• 1000 LinnStruments have now been sold! (Total of LinnStrument and LinnStrument 128.)

• New from the recent NAMM music products show in L.A.:
Pics from the show, including Steve Wonder, Ray Parker, Dr. Lonnie Smith & Bernie Maupin.
2) Keyboard Magazine includes LinnStrument 128 in its "
Top Picks"
3) I (Roger) was given
Sonic State's "Top Chap" award. I'm very pleased to be a top chap!

• It is sometimes difficult to convey how sensitive LinnStrument to very light touches, so I made this simple "Light Touch" video.

Version 2.0.2 update released for LinnStrument and LinnStrument 128, including greatly expanded Touch Sensitivity range, improved Strum mode, new Christmas animation added to Sleep mode, and more.

• Need printed Step Sequencer settings on your LinnStrument panel? New adhesive labels and replacement metal panels are both now available.

Here's a video of my (Roger's) keynote address at Audio Developers 2016 Conference in London, presented by ROLI. I talk about three trends in music and how developers can take advantage of them.

• Leon Russell has died at age 74. I (Roger) reflect on my time as a young man working with him.

First video of LinnStrument 128 by its software creator Geert Bevin, showing sensitive touch and 2-handed play.

• LinnStrument receives an excellent video review from Sonic State.

• New video: "Jeremy Cubert plays LinnStrument", demoing a variety of sound sources including Sample Modeling's new "The Cello".

• Check out Moog's new Model 15 Modular app for iOS. The lead engineer was LinnStrument  software creator Geert Bevin. Pic 1, 2.

• LinnStrument gets an excellent review from Sound On Sound magazine (April 2016 issue).

• Future Music / Music Radar's stellar review of LinnStrument is now online.  Rating: 9 out of 10! Plus LinnStrument included in Music Radar's "10 best controllers of 2015"

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA