Analog Drum Machine

From Dave Smith & Roger Linn


• Coming the NAMM Music Products show in L.A.? (It's only open to the trade.) If so, please stop by my booth 4900 and say hi.

• Version 2.0.2 update released for LinnStrument and LinnStrument 128, including greatly expanded Pressure Sensitivity range, improved Strum mode, new Christmas animation added to Sleep mode, and more.

• Need printed Step Sequencer settings on your LinnStrument panel? New adhesive labels and replacement metal panels are both now available.

Here's a video of my (Roger's) keynote address at Audio Developers 2016 Conference in London, presented by ROLI. I talk about three trends in music and how developers can take advantage of them.

• Leon Russell has died at age 74. I (Roger) reflect on my time as a young man working with him.

First video of LinnStrument 128 by its software creator Geert Bevin, showing sensitive touch and 2-handed play.

• LinnStrument receives an excellent video review from Sonic State.

• New video: "Jeremy Cubert plays LinnStrument", demoing a variety of sound sources including Sample Modeling's new "The Cello".

• Check out Moog's new Model 15 Modular app for iOS. The lead engineer was LinnStrument  software creator Geert Bevin. Pic 1, 2.

• LinnStrument gets an excellent review from Sound On Sound magazine (April 2016 issue).

• Future Music / Music Radar's stellar review of LinnStrument is now online.  Rating: 9 out of 10! Plus LinnStrument included in Music Radar's "10 best controllers of 2015"

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA