• LinnStrument now shipping worldwide! Buy direct with FREE worldwide shipping, or from one of our dealers.

• New LinnStrument Owner Videos page, including a new one (April 11) from Jordan Rudess.

• See Wired magazine article on Roger, LinnStrument and the PMCs.

• New LinnStrument videos by Roger: Polyphonic 3D Expression and Polybend Arpeggiator.

• New: LinnStrument Chord & Scale Shapes page, showing fingerings for common chords and scales in the default 4ths tuning.

• See videos and pics from the LinnStrument introduction the L.A. NAMM show on Jan 22-25.

• LinnStrument awarded "Best New Electronic Instrument at NAMM 2015" by Synthtopia!

• Read the KVR Audio interview with Roger's wife Ingrid here. Though she's now an Engineering Project Manager at Apple, she's had a big hand in the development of our products.

• See principal LinnStrument software writer Geert Bevin's talk and slides from the Devoxx Developer Conference: "LinnStrument: the ultimate open-source hacker instrument".

• 9/30/14: Articles about by Roger and LinnStrument in Forbes and Harper's, and a video interview from Sonic State.

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA

Roger Linn Design  •  Berkeley, CA, USA