Jon Appleton 1939 - 2022

On January 30, 2022, Jon Appleton, a dear friend of many years, passed away.

Jon was a retired professor of music at Dartmouth College, an accomplished composer with many recordings to his credit, and the co-designer of the Synclavier digital synthesizer. And in Apple's 2014 "30 Years of Macintosh" celebration, Jon was chosen to represent the year 1985 in honor of his early music education software "Appletones". (See below.)

I first met Jon at an International Computer Music Conference in 1986 and we began a friendship. He was smart, witty, conversational, irreverent, and more action-oriented than most college professors, qualities that only grew over the years. We kept that friendship up over the years, and my wife Ingrid and I were fortunately to have him visit with us in November of 2021.

I will miss Jon, as will the many students he mentored and the many friends who cared about him.

To learn more about Jon and his life and work, here is his personal web site: