20% Educational/Disabled Discount on LinnStrument

I offer a 20% discount on LinnStrument or LinnStrument 128, when purchased direct from my online store, for:

  1. Current full-time students or full-time music teachers at accredited universities or colleges. To get the discount, email me proof of your current-year full-time student or music teacher status.
  2. Musicians with a physical disability that significantly impedes their ability to play a conventional musical instrument. For example, you may have the functional use of only one hand or arm, making it difficult to play a wind or bowed-string instrument. Or you may have a hand disability that makes it difficult to stretch chords or otherwise play a piano keyboard, but which is not a problem on LinnStrument. If you have such a disability, please contact me (Roger) to tell me more about your issue. Because of LinnStrument's efficient use of finger gestures, it is helpful for musicians with such a physical limitation. In 2015 the UK's One Handed Musical Instrument Trust gave LinnStrument its "Best Playable Instrument" award.

Unfortunately, I cannot include free international shipping for discounted orders.

Please contact me to learn how to get the discount.

- Roger

If you are a musician with a physical disability, here's a helpful resource:

Guide to Buying Adaptive Musical Instruments