20% Educational/Disabled Discount on LinnStrument

I offer a 20% discount on either LinnStrument model (only when purchased direct from my online store) for:

  1. Current full-time students or full-time music teachers at accredited universities or colleges. To get the discount, email me proof of your current-year full-time student or music teacher status.
  2. Musicians with a physical disability that significantly impedes their ability to play a conventional musical instrument. If you have such a disability, please contact me (Roger) to tell me more about you issue and how it significantly impedes your ability to play a conventional musical instrument.
    Because of LinnStrument's efficient use of finger gestures, it is helpful for musicians with such a physical limitation. In 2015 the UK's One Handed Musical Instrument Trust gave LinnStrument its "Best Playable Instrument" award.

Please contact me to learn how to get the discount.

Regarding shipping cost, the free shipping that is normally included with a LinnStrument purchase still applies for discount sales to the U.S., but unfortunately I cannot include the free shipping for discount sales to outside the U.S. To learn the shipping cost for export discount shipments, please contact me (Roger) with your city and country using the link above.

- Roger

If you are a musician with a physical disability, here's a helpful resource:

Guide to Buying Adaptive Musical Instruments