AdrenaLinn Support

If you have an operation question or you think your AdrenaLinn model may have a problem, please first visit some of the links on this page, especially the Manual, FAQs nd Repair Needs pages. If you don't find your answer there, I personally answer all emails to and calls to +1 (510) 666-6930, California time. Note that this phone number does not accept voice messages.

Note: I always reply to emails promptly. If you didn't get a reply, check your junk email folder.

When you email me for support, please include the following:

1) Your name and the AdrenaLinn's serial number. This will tell me the age of the unit and any support history.

2) What country you're located in. This is helpful in the event that I may need to send you a repair part.

3) A clearly-written question or description of the problem. A short video demonstrating the problem is very helpful because it shows many things that you may not have considered to be relevant in your text description.

If there is a hardware problem in your AdrenaLinn model, there is seldom a need to send it away for repair. AdrenaLinn is designed so that nearly all problems can be fixed by sending you a replacement part that you can install yourself--with only a screwdriver. However, the vast majority of problems require only a setting change.

Thank you,
Roger Linn