Stolen AdrenaLinn III Units

Here is a list of AdrenaLinn III units that have been stolen:

* Serial number A11726: Fraudulent sale to Jamestown, NY in 2015.

* Serial number A11727: Fraudulent sale to Williamsville, NY in 2015.

* Serial number A11728: Fraudulent sale to Rock Springs, WY in 2015.

* Serial number A11877: Fraudulent sale to North Arlington, NJ in 2017.

* Serial number A11935: Owner Harley Osterlund of Fort Collins CO bought this AdrenaLinn III in 2017. He had a problem in 2018, so I sent him a $200 circuit board on the condition that he would subsequently return his original circuit board. After repeated requests, he never did. I consider this a stolen unit.

If any AdrenaLinn I, II or III has no serial number label on the back, it is also stolen.

If you encounter one of these stolen units or a unit with no serial label, please email me. Also, please report it to the police and invite them to contact me for verification.

Thank you,
Roger Linn