AdrenaLinn III Upgrade Kit

Own an AdrenaLinn or AdrenaLinn II? Upgrade it to AdrenaLinn III for only $99. Install it yourself in 30 minutes. Only available here:

Light blue label for all AdrenaLinn or AdrenaLinn II units
Buy now: $99 + shipping

What does it add to my AdrenaLinn or AdrenaLinn II?

• Amp Models: Number of amps increased to 40 (from 12 in A1, or 24 is A2) including 4 bass amps and 2 fuzz boxes. All are greatly improved in tonal accuracy and with a more natural transition between clear and overdriven tones. Also, a new Drive Boost feature can be enabled by foot switch.

• Reverb added.

• Compressor/Sustainer added.

• Tuner added.

• Presets: User-programmable presets increased to 200 from 100 in A1 and A2. All presets are greatly improved in quality.

• Drumbeats and drum sounds: User-programmable drumbeats increased to 200 from 100 in A1 and A2. All drumbeats are greatly improved in quality and nearly all drum sounds are replaced with more modern sounds.

• Foot control:
1) The Effect foot switch is now programmable on a per-preset basis. For example, a preset might have a basic amp sound with reverb, and pressing Effect adds a filter effect.
2) MIDI control by up to 10 foot switches and 2 expression pedals. With $35 EurekaProm from Eureka Sound, a Behringer FCB1010 pedalboard becomes a dedicated AdrenaLinn III pedalboard.

• The Noise Gate is now much more transparent and unnoticeable.

• New variable lowpass filter after amp models provides improved shaping of post-distortion high frequencies

• Variable attack/decay times have been added to random swept filter and tremolo effects.

• A graphic MIDI editor and librarian is available from for $40.

The AdrenaLinn III Upgrade Kit includes:

• A new front panel adhesive label in light blue, for units with both black and indigo blue chassis. (The former indigo blue labels, intended for older units with indigo blue chassis, are no longer available. However, the light blue label looks good with both chassis colors.)

• Two chips containing the AdrenaLinn III software, presets, drumbeats, drum sounds and v303 operating system.

• A metal chip extraction tool for removing your two old chips from their sockets.

• The AdrenaLinn III Users Manual

• The AdrenaLinn III Presets & Drumbeats Listing Manual.

Installation instructions with step by step photos.

Note the following:

1) Your AdrenaLinn I or II must be fully working before installing this upgrade kit.

2) If you have an early AdrenaLinn without headphone jack, this upgrade will not add the headphone jack.

3) Because all user presets and drumbeats are stored on the chips you will replace, this upgrade will replace all presets and drumbeats with new AdrenaLinn III presets and drumbeats (which, by the way are a whole lot better).