AdrenaLinn III Software Versions

Version 3.0.3, released on January 1, 2009

• In rare cases it was possible that the AdrenaLinn III would become disabled, showing only "dSP" in the display when turned on. We believed that we had fixed this problem in v301, but found that it still occured in nearly 1% of updated units. We now believe we have fixed it completely.

Version 3.0.2, released on May 12, 2008

• MIDI Active Sense messages were not processed correctly, causing subsequent MIDI messages to be corrupted. This is fixed. This fix is important if you are using a Roland FC-300 pedal board, which sends MIDI Active Sense messages. When an FC-300 is used with an AdrenaLinn III containing earlier software versions, the 2 expression pedals produce erratic results.

Version 3.0.1, released March 1, 2008


• The Tuner is now more sensitive to high strings and more accurate. Also, when the 2 LEDs in the center of the LED column are lit (indicating the string is in tune) they blink rapidly, making it easily to see when you’re in tune.

• The Tuner now includes a mode called “Tuner/Mute” that mutes the outputs while tuning. To use this, invoke the tuner as normal by tapping-then-holding the right foot switch, then continue to hold it 1 second longer so that the display shows “MUT”. Now when you tune the strings, you won’t hear the guitar at the outputs.

• The "TUN" option of the FOOT SWITCH DESTINATION parameter still invokes the tuner as before, but instead of passing the bypassed guitar signal, it now mute the guitar signal entirely. This is also true for the "TUN" option of the EFFECT SWITCH parameter.

• The Marshall Plexi amp model now has slightly better definition in the treble range.

• The DRUMS SEND parameter is now taken BEFORE the DRUMS VOLUME instead of after. This allows you to send the drums to the input, delay or reverb without sending any drums signal to the outputs.

Bug fixes

• In rare cases it was possible that the AdrenaLinn III would become disabled, showing only "dSP" is the display when turned on. The chances of this occurring are reduced considerably.

• After turning power on, the 2 foot switches did not function correctly until you turned one of the 4 knobs. This is fixed.

• When using MIX / SEP OUTS, there was a large jump in volume between the EQU and D1 settings. This has been fixed.

• When using external MIDI expression pedals (for wah, volume or other functions) it was possible to hear discrete steps when moving the pedal slowly. This has been fixed.

• If both Delay and Reverb were on, the manual stated that the delay signal occurred before the reverb in the signal chain, but you wouldn’t hear any reverb on the delayed signal. This is now fixed.

• When using the PEAK HOLD feature (used in presets 163, 166 and 172), the filter frequency would suddenly drop to a low frequency near the end of sustained notes. This has been fixed.

• When the LFO WAVE parameter was changed, the SPEED parameter would instantly change to ‘2n’ (1/2 notes). This has been fixed.

• When changing the PERCUSSION SOUND-VOLUME parameter from one setting to another, only one of the bank’s 3 sounds would be heard with each change. Now, all 3 sounds in the bank are heard, one after another, with each change.

• After version 3.0.1 is installed in an AdrenaLinn III, any future software updates can be downloaded to a computer with a MIDI interface and installed over MIDI.

Version 3.0.0, released July 2007.

This is the original AdrenaLinn III software release.

How to upgrade your AdrenaLinn III to version 3.0.3

Check your software version

Your AdrenaLinn III must be fully working to read the version number. While holding the UP ARROW button, connect power and continue to hold until the display shows a 3-digit number, either "300", "301", "302" or "303".

Note: if you've disassembled the unit, the version number printed on the chips isn't necessarily correct because the software version may have been upgrading over midi.

If your AdrenaLinn III is running version 3.0.0, or if your AdrenaLinn III shows only "dSP" when powered on (or is otherwise not working but lights go on when power is connected)

You must replace two plug-in chips inside your unit with two new chips containing the v303 software, which you can buy on our online store and install yourself. (Click here for Installation Instructions.) Go to our online store and find the item "AdrenaLinn III Version 3.0.3 Software Update Chipset".

If your AdrenaLinn III is running version 3.0.1 or 3.0.2 and is fully working

You can upgrade for free by downloading a file to your computer, then installing it to your AdrenaLinn III over MIDI. This update process doesn't change any user presets or drumbeats you've created so there's no need to back up. (You can also simply buy the v3.0.3 chipset from our online store if you prefer.) Here's what to do:

1) Download the v303 Update file and save it to your computer (Windows or Mac).

2) Download the free demo of SoundTower's AdrenaLinn III Editor for Windows or Mac, and install it on your computer. (Because of the special format of the OS file, you must use the SoundTower editor, and you must use version 1.1.2 or later of the editor.)

3) Connect the MIDI OUT port on your computer's MIDI interface to the AdrenaLinn III's MIDI IN. Do not connect anything to the AdrenaLinn III's MIDI OUT. Start the SoundTower AdrenaLinn III Editor and select MIDI / MIDI SETUP to assign your computer's MIDI interface ports.

4) In the AdrenaLinn III Editor, select the FILE menu (on Windows) or ADRENALINN SE menu (on Mac) and click ADRENALINN OS UPDATE. Select the unzipped v3.0.3 file you just downloaded and follow the editor's instructions to perform the update. Once the update process begins, it will take about 2 minutes to complete.

5) To verify that your AdrenaLinn III has been successfully upgraded to v3.0.3, hold the UP ARROW key while connecting power and continue to hold it until 3 digits appear in the display. If it shows "303", the update was successful. If it still shows the earlier version ("301" or "302"), the update wasn't successful. Try again.

NOTE: If during the update, the A3's display flashes "Er1", "Er2" or another "Er" (error) message, your MIDI interface or its software drivers are having trouble transmitting this large System Exclusive file. If using Windows, check (in Windows Device Manager) that your MIDI interface is using the manufacturer's latest driver and NOT the generic Windows "USB Audio Driver", which (not surprisingly) doesn't work.