Register Your Dealer or Used LinnStrument

If you purchased a new or used LinnStrument or LinnStrument 128 from a dealer or from a previous owner, please register your purchase here. If you purchased direct from our online store, there's no need to register. Also, there is no need to register an AdrenaLinn purchase because AdrenaLinn is only sold direct from our online store.

Registration provides the following benefits:

  1. If you register a new dealer purchase with 60 days of buying, your warranty is extended from two to three years.
  2. If you register a new dealer purchase or a used purchase of LinnStrument or LinnStrument 128, you will receive a free license for Bitwig Studio 8-Track.
  3. If you register a used purchase, I will transfer the unit's remaining warranty to you.

To register, send an email to with the following information:

  • Name (first & last legal name used for your purchase, not a pseudonym or single name):
  • Year of birth (optional, but it helps me provide better personalized support):
  • Email (we don't give this to anyone):
  • City, State/Province and Country of Residence (address is not needed):
  • Product Name and Serial Number (located at left end):
  • Name and Country of Dealer Where Purchased (or if purchased used, name of previous owner):
  • Date that you received it (to know when to start the warranty for a new dealer purchase, after verification of ship date with dealer):
  • Price paid, and if the price does includes sales tax/VAT:
  • Where do you generally learn about music products? (Not where you learned about LinnStrument.) For example, specific YouTube channels, web sites, blogs, forums, print magazines, social media influencers, etc. I ask so I'll know best where to advertise: 

    For U.S. buyers only:
  • Did the dealer contact you to inform you about LinnStrument, or did you already decide to buy it and merely contacted the dealer to place an order?:
  • Were you able to play a LinnStrument at the dealer before buying?:
  • If LinnStrument was only available from at the same price, would you still have bought it?:

Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email with the above-promised items.

Why do I want you to register?

  1. It tells me when to start your warranty.
  2. It helps me provide better support if I can keep a history on each unit and owner.
  3. Given that there are few local dealers in the internet era, I might email you in future to ask if you'd be willing to show your LinnStrument to a potential owner in your local area.

I will never sell or give your email address to anyone for any reason.

LinnStrument Email Newsletters

If you'd like to receive LinnStrument email newsletters, click here to either sign up or see previous newsletters. I send them no more than once per month and I won't use your email address for anything other than sending you the newsletters.