How hard should I play LinnStrument?

LinnStrument should be played with the same force as playing a MIDI piano keyboard, but no more.

As a reference point, LinnStrument is calibrated at the factory to produce the maximum MIDI pressure output value of 127 when a weight of 500 grams, focused on a finger-sized 11mm diameter circle, is placed at the center of a note pad. 500 grams is about the weight of a glass containing 1/2 liter or two cups of water. This seems to be what LinnStrument players like best.

In designing LinnStrument’s touch sensor, I (Roger) have tried to optimize it for response to the lightest touches because I think this is most beneficial to musical expression. However, it is difficult to make a sensor that responds to very light touches but is also immune to wear from excessive force. For this reason, playing with excessive force may prematurely degrade LinnStrument's touch sensor. So please try to avoid pressing the note pads with unusually high force. For example:

* Listen to your synth's response to various velocity or pressure levels. You'll notice that past a specific level of force, the sound doesn't get any louder, so there's no need to play with greater force. If the synth's sound isn't loud enough, turn up the volume.

* If you're playing a synthesizer sound that doesn't respond to pressure, don't press harder in an attempt to make the sound respond louder. Instead, select a sound or synth that responds to pressure.

* If the manual instructs you to hold one note pad (like a computer's shift key) while pressing another, and you don't get the expected response, pressing harder on the held pad won't change anything. Read the text again because there's likely another reason that you aren't getting the response you expect.

If LinnStrument's default touch sensitivity doesn't match your playing style, you can change the Pressure Sensitivity or Velocity Sensitivity settings in Global Settings.

In summary, please try to treat LinnStrument as the sensitive and fine musical instrument that I intended for it to be.

Thank you,