How hard should I play LinnStrument?

LinnStrument should be played with the same range of force used for playing chords and melodies on a MIDI piano keyboard. Its highly sensitive touch sensor was not designed to be struck with the high level of force associated with drum pad controllers, which are often stuck with the force of 2 fingers or a single finger with heavy force, and often repeatedly on a small number of pads for bass, snare and hihat. Drum pad controllers are more tolerant of heavy play but are less sensitive to light touches as LinnStrument is.

LinnStrument's touch sensor is designed to respond to touches as light as 50 grams (about the weight of nine U.S quarter-dollar coins) and as heavy as 500 grams (the weight of a glass containing 1/2 liter or 2 cups of water). Playing with 500 grams of force will result in full MIDI pressure or velocity levels of 127. Playing with a higher level of force won't make LinnStrument any louder.

If you have a harder touch, you can change LinnStrument's Velocity and Pressure Sensitivity settings in Global Settings, but not to the degree that it will accommodate playing it with the high force commonly used with drum pad controllers.

Consistently using high force could prematurely wear out LinnStrument's touch sensor and possibly result in problems like notes sticking on after release, eventually requiring replacement of the touch sensor.

In summary, please try to treat LinnStrument as the sensitive musical instrument that I intended for it to be.

Thank you,