20% Discount on 11 GeoSWAM instruments for GeoShred iPad app

You're probably aware of Audio Modeling's excellent SWAM instruments, perfect software recreations of acoustic bowed-string and wind instruments, which I (Roger) highly recommend on my Recommended Sounds page.

What you may not know is that versions of 11 of these SWAM instruments are available for the iPad app GeoShred from Jordan Rudess' company Wizdom Music. The 11 instruments are:


The bundle is called "GeoSWAM Collection I & II" and normally costs $120, but for LinnStrument owners it is only $94.99, a 20% discount. And if you don't already own GeoShred, you don't have to buy it because this SWAM bundle runs on the free "GeoShred Control" app version.

Here's a video of Jordan Rudess playing some of these sounds from a LinnStrument:

Here's how to get the discounted bundle:

1) If you bought your LinnStrument from a dealer or bought it used and haven't yet registered your purchase, do so by clicking the "Registered Dealer/Used Purchase" link on this page. If you bought direct or already registered, you don't need to do this.

2) To get the discount code for the GeoSWAM bundle, send me (Roger) an email containing:
a) Your LinnStrument serial number
b) Your name, the same name you used in your dealer/used registration or in your purchase from my online store.
I will reply with your discount code.

3) Watch the following video to learn how to a) download GeoShred, b) purchase the GeoSWAM bundle using your discount code, and c) setup both LinnStrument and GeoShred to start playing:

Many thanks to Jordan and the rest of the GeoShred team for this valuable offer.

- Roger