Submit video for next compilation

If you'd like to make a video for the next "LinnStrumentalists" compilation, it would be much appreciated. Here are some guidelines for the type of videos I'm looking for.

In general, the goal is for the viewer to get the message that LinnStrument is a fine musical instrument chosen by skilled musicians. I'm specifically looking for either:

1) skilled expressive solos that use LinnStrument's 3 dimensions of control, or

2) skilled two-handed piano-style play.

Here are some tips:

* Use minimal audio effects, so that the the skilled performance is clearly audible and not masked by the effects.

* No video effects please, just a clear, tight shot on LinnStrument and the player, or a tight shot on LinnStrument.

* If the performance includes other instruments, please insure that the LinnStrument performance is clearly audible and visible against the other instruments.

* I'll only use a 30 to 45 second portion, so try to include a particularly impressive section for this purpose.

* Mobile phone videos are fine. To avoid LED flickering in the video, keep the shutter open as long as possible, which will automatically happen if you reduce the light.

If you have a video that has a different focus than the above, for example ambient music, sound control, tutorials, artsy effects videos, etc., that's also appreciated but a good place to post those is in o topic on the LinnStrument KVR forum for others to enjoy.


- Roger