Legacy Products

Welcome to my support page for legacy products. I have provided some support resources below.

MPC60, MPC3000, ASQ10
Other than my version 3.10 software chipset, I'm afraid I can't provide support for these Akai products. I have never provided support for them, so I'm not familiar with the support issues, plus that was so long ago that I don't remember most of the details about them. For support on these products, try www.mpc-forums.com. Or for hardware support, try www.vstservice.com or www.forat.com in L.A.
AdrenaLinn Sync software plug-in
As of April 22, 2015, I discontinued AdrenaLinn Sync and stopped further development. Why? Because my development partner Way Out Ware was unable to complete a 64-bit version, and very few people were buying it. So in April of 2015, I discontinued AdrenaLinn Sync, and sent emails to existing customers informing them that activations on new computers would be possible only until May 10, 2016, but existing installations would continue to work on 32-bit OSs. If you're still running AdrenaLinn Sync on a 32-bit OS and have a question, I'm afraid the only resource I have is the Quick Start Guide. Other than that, I am unable to provide further support.

Linn Electronics products (LM-1, LinnDrum, Linn9000, LinnSequencer)
Unfortunately I cannot provide support for these old products from my first company of the early 1980s, mostly because I haven't thought about them for nearly 40 years and don't recall the details that people need answers about. But thankfully there's a very good resource: www.forat.com in L.A.

- Roger Linn