LinnStrument's Patented Sensing Technology

After a long and arduous approval process, my patent application for LinnStrument's touch sensing system was approved on October 3 of 2017. If you're curious about how LinnStrument works, you are welcome to download the full patent 9,779,709 by clicking the picture below.

If you're a music products company and are interested in adding 3D touch sensing to your drum machine, clip launcher or other type of grid controller, contact me (Roger) about licensing my patent for your product. My rates are surprisingly affordable and I'll even design the touch sensor and sensing circuit to fit your product's needs, as well as connect you with my volume fabricator for a seamless transition to affordable production.

I'd like to thank Clif Anderson, the highly talented attorney who wrote the patent, adjusting my words into something far clearer and more suitable for a patent. Over 300 technical patents written by Clif have been approved, and by fortunate coincidence Clif is also the first LinnStrument owner. For anyone seeking help in writing a patent, I highly recommend contacting Clif.

I'd also like to thank my friend of many years Eric Lindemann, who helped me write the first draft of the patent application. Eric is also the creator of the innovative Synful Orchestra virtual instrument and a former employee of my first company Linn Electronics.

- Roger